Monday, December 8, 2008


Saturday was a fun day. I drug my wonderful fiance out AGAIN to go look at invitations. Last time we had gone looking it was a family outting, which with my family is always interesting, and we found something we liked but had to wait for a price quote. I finally got the quote on Friday and it was in the area of $4000. Yes, $4000...totally ridiculous! I absolutely refuse to spend that kind of money on an invitation that is only going to wind up in the trash. So we went back to the store on Saturday and created a similar invitation for more than less than 1/2 the price of the orginal quote.

I actually liked this process of creating an invitation much better. We got to look at a bunch of different papers and put together a very elegant looking invitation that resembles the much more expensive one I loved. I also liked this because it allowed for some creativeness and added one more unique touch to the wedding. Plus I get to brag about designing them! lol!

If you need a place to go for invitations, I highly recommend Open Dialog. The guy in there is awesome. We had gone to a few places in the city and no one came close to being as helpful as this guy. He took the time and was VERY patient with us. AWESOME!

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