Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why do we register? after my loving fiance and I got engaged and set our wedding date one of the things we were told to do was go and register. I thought it was still early to go and register since we weren't getting married for a year but some of my friends said we should register before our engagement party. So we did.

Now since we registered forever ago I occasionally check to see if anything has been purchased and a few times when I have gone to look at things I have found that items we registered for are no longer available. Yesterday I was checking out the one website and I was really bummed to find that the bedding we picked out was "no longer part of their assortment." I quickly became frustrated because we recently (maybe September)added this bedding to our registry and I never gave a second thought to it not being available. Fortunately, I was able to find the same bedding at the other store where we registered but now I have to find time to actually get to the store so I can add pieces that weren't available to add online.

After all this I was feeling somewhat stressed because keeping up with an accurate registry was the furthest thing from my mind. I just assumed (I know stupid to do) that once I did that we'd be good to go...but that's just not true, so I will just add that to the list of things to stay on top of.

Anyone else run into that problem?

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Mrs. in May said...

Yes! All of the towels I have registered for are no longer available. Also, at one store we registered for a whole set of porcelain table settings (somewhere between everyday and formal) and you cannot purchase those on line. How frustrating for people!!!