Monday, December 15, 2008

Just another Monday

Not too much has happened this week on the wedding front. Last week I was feeling a lot of stress about a few wedding details but this week I've decided to let time happen and I will take care of things as they come. I guess the most important thing was to talk with Bresner Studios about the time they wanted to start with pictures. Now that that is set I can move on to the other details, like how long it will take for the girls to get their hair done and the time we need to get that started.

On a more fun note...I was sent a few pictures of Martini Luges (see below) to pick from for our Martini Bar. Of the ones that were sent, I'm liking Martini Glass Luge ice sculpture the best.


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Nicole said...

hey...if you don't mind me much are you paying for each area? with discount..right now it will be about 100/per session. (5)... i give you credit girl!! enduring the pain!! I love facials..they are relaxing...the laser genesis..hurts too..which i had on the face...the pain us ladies go thru!!