Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday's adventure at the Rittenhouse

On Monday my mom and I had a meeting with the event coordinator at the Rittenhouse. It was such a great time. We talked about a potential menu, where to have pictures taken, how we are going to set up the Martini Luge, the kinds of desserts we can have, a floor plan, the cocktail hour. The list seems endless.

My favorite thing was talking about the menu because I want to do something different. Something that will make people go "wow...that is a unique idea!" As we were talking about food the event coordinator had mentioned that a prominent figure's daughter had her reception there and they did boneless ribs, a side of truffled macaroni and cheese, and asparagus wrapped in carrots. This is supposedly a very popular thing in the Los Angels area. The LA thing doesn't matter so much to me as much as how different would it be to serve ribs at a wedding? Ohh...and for all the vegetarians out there, I will have a fish choice. I am not a fan of fish so I will go with whatever everyone else suggests and likes.

I also got to see the bridal suite; which was very cool. But this is when my stress really started to kick in. As we were walking around the room and discussing all the different things that could be done in terms of removing furniture in order to make room to bring in light snacks for everyone while having hair and make up done, my anxiety levels went through the roof. All of a sudden I began thinking of the 16 people who potentially would need to be getting ready. I was thinking of the 1pm ceremony time and how early are we going to have to start with hair. What time will everyone need to get to the hotel? I was nothing short of going into a slight panic.

Now I am also being given two other rooms that can be used for changing, hair, make up or whatever but I'm a freak about there being enough room for people to be comfortable and feel unrushed. So I guess I need to speak with the photographer so she can set a time for us to be ready, and then talk to the people doing hair to see how much time they are going to need in order to get everyone done by the photographers set time. The other thing that has me stressed is that I'm so aware of privacy, because I hate having an audience when I'm getting ready, that I hope there is enough room to get the number of people ready (hair, make-up) that is needed and still have space for everyone to get dressed with some privacy. I know this will all fall into place but these are the small details that will cause me to loose sleep.

Anyway, my poor fiance has had to deal with me being a bit on edge about this detail (yes we are still 5 months out)but he really has been great. I don't tell him that enough. He is so good about letting me vent and not taking things personally when I get fired up. In fact his craziness loves that about me...go figure! LOL.

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